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How does it work?

Style Survey

Once you purchase a Style Parcel, you'll be sent our Style Survey so we can get to know your style, size and vibe!

Curated Outfit

Based on your Style Survey answers, we carefully hand select an outfit of 2 -4 pieces with you in mind!

The Style Parcel

Between March 1 - 15, your order will ship and your Style Parcel will be on its way to you!


What sizes do the Style Parcels come in?
Style Parcels are currently available in sizes small - 3XL. Once you purchase your Style Parcel you'll be sent a Style Survey that will give us the information on your sizing and preferences. The sizes of the items included in your package will be decided based on your survey answers.
What items might I receive in my Style Parcel?
You could receive a variety of items. At a minimum you'll get 2 - 4 pieces. Those pieces could be a combination of things! Here are some outfit examples: Dress + Earrings OR Top + Jeans + Shoes OR Blazer + Top + Earrings + Bracelet OR Cardigan + Bottoms + Shoes OR Dress + Shoes + Headband. You may or may not receive the above examples in your parcel. There are so many potential combos you could get. Whatever you receive, we hope you love it!
Will my Style Parcel outfit include items currently available on the website?
It might, or it might not! We work with many different brands to source some amazing items! The most important thing to us is that we send you an outfit that we think you'll love! This may include items from our website, but it also might include products available to us that you won't find on www.runwayromance.com.
Do I get to see the items that will be in my Style Parcel before they are sent?
Not at this time. We want you to be surprised when your parcel arrives! Aren't surprises fun?! It's like a little gift from yourself, without having to do any shopping or coordinating anything yourself! All you have to do is open your Style Parcel and enjoy wearing a new outfit!
Do you offer local pick-up or delivery on the Style Parcels?
We sure do! If you are located in the city of Hamilton you can select local pick-up at check-out, and we will email you once your order has arrived to arrange a pick-up or delivery time. We also offer local pick-up in the Toronto area, but do not offer local delivery at this time.
How long does it take for me to receive my Style Parcel?
Style Parcels are only available the first two weeks of each month, and will ship out the following month between the 1st and 15th. For example, if you order a Style Parcel in the first two weeks of October, your parcel will ship out to you between November 1 - 15. Once your parcel has shipped, you'll receive an email with tracking info.
Is this a subscription service?
Nope! It's a one and done transaction. Every time you'd like to purchase a Style Parcel, you'll need to place an order.
Can I return all of the items in my Style Parcel?
Yes! We always want you to feel good about your Runway Romance purchases! Returns on your Style Parcel at the moment are FREE! If you want to return all of the items in your Style Parcel reach out to us and we will email you a shipping label. Once we receive the parcel, we will refund you the cost of the style parcel + taxes paid (if applicable). Returns must be made within 14 days from the date you received your parcel. All items must be unworn, tags attached and in the same new condition as received.
Can I keep some items in my Style Parcel and return others?
For sure! It is possible to keep some items that you love, and return others that didn't work for you. In that situation, you would contact us and let us know which items you are keeping and which items you are returning. We would send you an invoice for the pieces that you'd like to keep and a FREE shipping label for the items you'd like to return. Once the items you kept are paid for, and the items returned are received, we would refund you the Style Parcel cost + taxes (if applicable). Keep in mind there might be times where it might not make sense to keep only some items and return others because the retail cost of the items you want to keep, might be close or more than the price of the Style Parcel. That's because we know you're trusting us to pick an outfit for you - so we want to give you as much value as we can and from time-to-time we might throw in some extra items - just because! For example, if you were to receive a shirt as one of the items in your Style Parcel, and it costs $45 CAD, but you want to return the remainder of your Style Parcel items, then it would make sense for you to pay the $45 CAD to keep the shirt, return the remainder items and be refunded your Style Parcel cost. Or maybe you received a pair of pants, a sweater and earrings in your Style Parcel and you want to keep the pants and sweater and return the earrings. The pants and sweater cost $130 CAD. In this case, it might not make sense for you to return the earrings and keep all of your other items. Remember, returns must be made within 14 days from the date you received your parcel. All items must be unworn, tags attached and in the same new condition as received.

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